Monday, November 9, 2009

4 Months old today!!!!!

Oh my big girl is 4 months old today! It is so unreal how fast she is growing. She is now rolling over all on her own and she has discovered that she loves sleeping on her tummy. This terrified me until her new doctor told me that is the best position for her to sleep in with her reflux. Bless her heart, she does have reflux. She had an upper gi done on 11-5-09 to see if it was reflux or a blockage. Thank God it was reflux, at least that can be treated with medicine. She had an okay Halloween. She looked very cute but the reflux kept her throwing up all night. She did get to spend time with her cousins Jenna and Allison and her little friend Layla. I am sure that Halloween will be even better next year. She is having her Christmas pictures done tomorrow morning at Portrait Innovations. I cannot wait!!!!!

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