Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Madison had her first trip to church on Sunday and she did great! We went to Brandy and Eddy's church to see Sarah "sing." It was hilarious!
We have an appointment with a gi specialist on the 9th of January. Today has been a very good day with her reflux. She has not vomited once today. *knocks on wood* I put her back on the soy based formula. The super expensive Nutramigen gave her horrible gas and did not help the reflux. I also tried getting the Enfamil brand instead of the Target brand. I know the ingredients are the same but maybe there is some tiny difference because she is doing great on it so far.
We have been to three Christmas parties her Grandaddy's office party, the Carter party and the Storey party. It was unbelievable how great she did. She never did get too fussy and she was so happy to see everyone. I am super excited about her first Christmas and I know that it will only get better each year, until she hits the teenage years :O/ LOL!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

As I type this I am knocking on wood. Madison has not thrown up all day!!!! Dr Malone increased her Zantac and Reglan to 3 times a day and put her on a very expensive formula but that is fine so long as it helps her. I am getting very excited about her first Christmas and her first Christmas party is tomorrow afternoon. Now, what shall she wear?????

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Madison has been eating baby food for about a month now. She has really got the hang of it. Her favorites are sweet potatoes and she LOVES prunes with apples. Her doctor was hoping that the introduction of food would help her reflux but it has not. :( He adjusted the dose of one of her meds today. She is really moving around much more too. If she could only figure out how to move her legs and arms at the same time she would just about be crawling. We are really looking forward to her first Christmas. She has already been wearing Christmas clothes. I really do not care if I am overdoing it, she only has one first Christmas! LOL!!!!